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Beautiful clothing for babies and children.

About Us

We at Inda-Bayi are mad about children's clothes! We believe clothing for kids should be fun, colourful and playful but also practical and economical.


Inda-bayi was formed by Matt and Yasmin. We started our company in 2009 after the birth of our little boy Aaron. When Yasmin was pregnant, we rushed out excitedly to buy our first baby clothes and were despondent at the sea of blues and pinks which greeted us. The alternative, was the boutique shops which offered more variety but at a price. So we started looking further afield…….

Matt discovered some great products, largely unavailable in the UK, which we then imported and retailed online. Aaron liked them all, and so it seemed did a lot of parents who commented on them wherever we went. Aaron and his friends have been our models since we started, they try out all our products and are quick to let us know if they don't like something!

Now, 5 years later, we are thrilled to be moving on to selling our own exclusive products, which are designed and made in the UK.